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                                                  VEHICLE SALE ON COMMISSION CONTRACT WITH CONWY CAMPERS

This agreement is between:

Conwy Campers Owners Name______________________________

and _______________________(Owner) Address____________________________________

Conwy Campers will take possession of vehicle VRN_____________ and will advertise and arrange viewings to the public in order to secure a sale for the owner for the price of :


Conwy Campers will increase the sale price above in order to achieve a commission that they feel fit for the vehicle.

All advertising costs will be borne by Conwy Campers, there will be no storage costs to the owner of the vehicle in question and the ownership of the vehicle will remain in the name of the owner until the balance of the sale of £_______is deposited into the owners bank account in cleared funds.

Once this figure has been deposited then all vehicle documentation will be given to

Conwy Campers to facilitate the sale.

The initial selling period will be for one month, if after this period the vehicle has not been sold the owner will be given the choice to reduce the sale price or collect the vehicle. If they decide to reduce the sale price and in agreement with Conwy Campers then another sale period will be discussed and agreed by both parties. The owner must not sale the vehicle to any other third party whilst it is in the custody of Conwy Campers.

The vehicle will be sited on a secure location with full 24 hour surveillance cameras in operation. The vehicle will be placed onto Conwy Campers Trade Insurance Policy (Aviva)for the period of time it remains in their custody.

Signed NAME __________________Conwy Campers

Signed Owner________________________Dated________2020